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Forest Glades - Mini-Collection

I'm proud to launch my first mini-collection - the 5 pieces of the "Forest Glades" forest crown collection. Inspired by some vintage wreaths and garlands I found in my travels, the concept was developed around a culture of forest nymphs/faeries from a distant realm, each with their own unique personality and special abilities.

I carefully took apart the wreaths and greenery, then spent time finding branches and vines that fitted together and re-assembled them together to form the base for each piece. Nature isn't perfectly symmetrical, and making balanced asymmetrical pieces was a fun challenge.

Once each base was assembled, these were secured to a base headband and then more greenery was progressively added back, both from the wreaths and from greenery in my stash. The flowers were carefully chosen and attached amongst the branches, and extra leaves added where necessary.

Coming soon: metals and some new lace crown styles!