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SMASH! 2017

A 900km drive to Sydney and back, lots of crowns to sell and a convention we'd never been to. So glad that I'd designed my headwear displays to disassemble and pack down easily. Flying just isn't logistically possible with the nature of my stock, so months prior the decision was made to drive. Good thing we did, because due to high speed winds, all flights into Sydney got cancelled on the Friday. Most of my headpieces fit in one hard shell suitcase, but some of the more delicate ones get transported in sturdy cardboard boxes so they aren't crushed.

SMASH! 2017 was certainly a crazy weekend full of epic cosplays and lots of energetic fans in the one place. This year the organisers decided to have a separate Japanese fashion (J-Fashion) section and that was where we were located, separate from the main artist hall. It was a bit lonely at times, but overall the venue had good facilities.

I took six of my Lady June lace and floral crowns in all new and different colourways as they were lighter and easier to pack for travel - and only returned back to Melbourne with one. Saved a few paper bags and wrapping as some of our customers ended up happily walking away from the table wearing their new pieces! Some of my larger pieces were also purchased specifically for art photography shoots, so I look forward to seeing the results!

We made some new convention friends - coordinating our forest headpieces with the lovely illustrated dresses from our neighbours Mulberry Chronicles (also from Melbourne) and chatting fairy tales and fascinators with the ladies at Fractured Lace (who flew down from Brisbane). Bought a cute octopus necklace made from lasercut acrylic.

After the weekend wrapped up, it was time to go back to Melbourne on the Monday - would have been nice to have an extra day of sightseeing, but it couldn't fit in our schedule as both myself and my stall assistant work full-time. The interstate convention experience has been a learning experience - but it's been a very large investment of time and money. Will be sticking to local events in Melbourne for the time being.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the table and helped support my business. I hope to see some of my pieces out in the wild! Please tag @celestialcloset or #celestialclosetdesign on Instagram.