Celestial Closet creates magical art wearables for fantasy adventurers, cosmic dreamers and nature wanderers.

Owner and magic maker Christine Amanda originally studied digital design at university and has spent over 10 years dabbling in the worlds of theatre, costume and millinery. She runs Celestial Closet part-time and works in another role full time, helping other small businesses with their eCommerce and online stores.

Christine has attended a number of workshops with Australian and international milliners, learning to work with both traditional and contemporary millinery materials such as leather, straw, metals and thermoplastics. Her pieces have a dramatic edge to them, influenced by her experience in fantasy and theatrical costumery.

At the start of 2020, Christine returned to her graphic design roots, and decided to purchase a desktop laser cutter which she has named “Zaphod Beamobox” to help bring her range of wearable art designs to life. She designs her pieces in Adobe Illustrator, operates and maintains the laser cutter, does the majority of the assembly, painting and production, lovingly packs your orders, and sends magic filled parcels out into the world!