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Empress Elissa Crown

Empress Elissa Crown


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the grandest of them all? The Empress Elissa style features ironwork gate inspired lace sculpted into a large fan shape fit for any royal courtesan, adorned with a crown of delicate chiffon flowers.

Measures approximately 15cm at the highest point and spans approximately 45cm across at the widest point. Due to the size of this piece, a metal hair comb has been attached at the centre of the headband which helps secure the piece in your hair.

This headpiece can be made in other colours and/or with different floral embellishments. In-stock colours are ready to ship. Other colours available upon request, please note there is a 2 week turnaround period for made-to-order items.
Standard Colours (Black or White) - from $200.00
Custom Colours - from $220.00
Please contact us to request a custom made piece.

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Headband is plastic, hand covered in black satin ribbon. One size will fit most heads.
Materials: stiffened guipure lace, wire, ribbon, thread, glue. Made with love in our studio in Melbourne, Australia.