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Florianna Forest Antler Crown

Florianna Forest Antler Crown


Florianna is part of the limited edition "Forest Glades" woodland inspired floral crown collection. Two grand branched antlers are covered with greenery and trailing leaves, and some berry bunches. Bold flowers in rich berry tones complete the piece.

This piece is one of a kind and uses vintage greenery and mossy branches harvested from wreaths and floral arrangements.

The widest point of the antlers measures approximately 60cm across and the antlers sit between 35-40cm high depending on where they are positioned. This is not a piece for the faint of heart!

Due to this piece's size, the shipping cost is estimated at $35.00 AUD. Any excess shipping charges will be refunded if the shipping cost is less than this amount.

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Headband is thin metal, hand covered in wine red satin ribbon. One metal comb is secured at centre top, it is recommended to bobby pin through the comb and behind the ears as this piece is slightly heavier than the others in the collection. One size fits most heads.

Materials: artificial flowers, leaves and berries, vintage mossy branches, hot glue, wire, florist tape, metallic spray paint, satin ribbon. Made with love in our studio in Melbourne, Australia.