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Sizing and Care Instructions

Are headbands and headpieces offered in custom sizes?

We understand that headbands sometimes can cause pressure against the sides of the head. The headbands used in our headpieces are one size fits most, and many of our pieces are able to be adjusted using elastic to a comfortable head fit.

Additional information in the listing will state whether the headband is made of plastic, metal or tulle covered wire, and how the headband is to be worn.

For extra-large and sensitive heads, flexible rubber/wired headbands can be requested upon prior arrangement, for an extra fee, dependent on availability.

For fully blocked hats and theatrical pieces with a closer head fit, you will be supplied with instructions for how to measure your head to ensure your piece is made to the correct size. If you are wearing a wig with your piece please measure your head with the wig on, as this can add a few extra centimetres to your head circumference.

How do I attach the headpiece securely to my head?

For smaller, lighter headpieces attached to a headband, it is suggested to pin the headband or combs with two bobby pins behind the ears in a criss cross shape.

The larger, heavier styles of headpieces will have one or two combs pre-attached: either a single comb at the top of the headband, or two smaller combs that sit behind the ears. Some styles may also have hat elastic attached for added support behind the head. Depending on what hairstyle you are wearing the piece with, we can consult with you to provide you with the best attachment option.

How do I store my headpiece when I'm not wearing it?

To ensure your piece stays looking lovely, please store it out of direct sunlight in a cool place, either in its original shipping or hat box with tissue paper for padding, or pinned on a styrofoam head out of direct sunlight if you'd like it on display.

Please avoid getting your headpiece wet, and avoid leaving it in a hot car or exposed to high temperatures, this may distort the shaping of the materials, or cause damage to paints and finishes used on the piece.