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Having made incremental changes in my day-to-day life in the last few years, to be a more sustainable consumer, being kind to the environment and helping to protect our planet has become a really important focus for my business, Celestial Closet. It is also important to me to choose local suppliers and manufacturers where possible to support other businesses within Australia, before looking abroad.

Reusing and Recycling Materials

  • The primary material used in my jewellery practice is laser cut acrylic plastic (PMMA). This is difficult to recycle commercially due to its chemical composition.
  • In January 2021, I invested in a small industrial heat press to create recycled acrylic sheets, using scraps I’ve collected since purchasing my laser cutter.
  • Any scraps left over once the recycled sheets are re-cut, can be re-melted into new sheets, making this recycling process circular.
  • I am accepting small quantities of acrylic offcuts and scraps from other acrylic jewellery makers in Australia to use in my recycled jewellery work. Please contact me to request further details.
  • I source most of my black, white and clear acrylics which are often used as brooch and necklace base plates from Australian fabricators and signmakers who have excess offcuts, which are perfect for small pieces of jewellery.

Wear again, and again, and again…

  • At Celestial Closet, only 304 grade stainless steel earring findings, necklace chains and brooch backs are used.
  • I have selected these materials not only because they can be worn by most people without irritation, but because of their longevity.
  • Stainless steel findings are higher quality than other alloy metals and brass, using higher quality findings from the start ensures your jewellery will last for the longest time possible.
  • Care instructions are included inside your parcel so you can take care of, and love your wearables. Loved jewellery lasts!
  • My design ethos is to design wearables that can be worn any day of the year – I prefer not to release highly seasonal or occasional collections that might only be worn once per year.

Planting Trees with Every Sale

  • From March 2021, Celestial Closet has partnered with Tree Nation, to plant one tree for every sale made on the website.
  • Reforestation projects run by Tree Nation support planting projects in Australia, and also in other locations worldwide.
  • You can view the Celestial Closet Tree Nation Forest and see what species of trees have been planted.

Joining a sustainability focused artist community

  • In January 2021, I became a studio tenant and member at the Textile Art Community Art Space (TACAS) located in Heidelberg West, Victoria, Australia.
  • The organisation is not-for-profit and run by the artists who are volunteers.
  • This group of artists focus on creative, sustainable art practices, from eco-dyeing, to ceramics, jewellery and screen printing.
  • The primary focus is recycling household and industrial waste, and mending and upcycling textile items.
  • The goal of the organisation is to get the wider community engaged with sustainable art practices, through workshops, exhibitions and community markets.

Packaging On The OutsideΒ 

  • Most Celestial Closet parcels will be enclosed in a cornstarch-based, compostable shipping satchel. This will decompose over 90 days in home compost systems.
  • I choose durable e-flute shipping boxes which are manufactured in Australia from 100% recycled cardboard.
  • You may receive a parcel that includes some reclaimed bubble wrap, which I’ve received from supplier deliveries.
  • For parcels containing wearables only, there are no stickers, sticky tape or shipping labels directly attached to the shipping box. This is so you don’t have to struggle with peeling labels and tape off the box!
  • Once finished unwrapping your jewellery, you can re-use the box to send a lovely parcel to someone special, or even re-use the box as a handy drawer organiser!

Packaging and Stationery On The Inside

  • I’m making the switch to soy-based inks, over traditional petroleum based inks!
  • Starting in 2021, Celestial Closet thank-you cards, branded tissue paper and stickers will be printed by noissue who use soy-based inks and 100% recycled paper.
  • Celestial Closet business cards and backing cards are printed in Australia on recycled Eco-Star cardstock.
  • Void fill inside shipping boxes will be progressively switched from coloured tissue paper, to expandable recycled brown paper honeycomb material.
  • Backing cards, business cards and jewellery boxes for Metamorphia Recycled wearables are hand-stamped with soy-based inks on a per-order basis, on 100% recycled kraft packaging

Carbon Neutral Shipping

  • Since 2020, Celestial Closet has been shipping the majority of customer parcels with Sendle, a certified B-Corp and 100% carbon-neutral delivery service.
  • Sendle supports environmental projects across the globe.