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Meet Christine of Celestial Closet

Christine designs and creates detailed magical wearables from laser cut acrylic – inspired by fantasy, nature and adventure, to make everyday life just a little bit more magical.

Owner and magic maker Christine has a background in digital and web design and theatrical costume. She loves the process of designing pieces for laser cutting, as it is a perfect blend of art and technology. All Celestial Closet pieces are designed, laser cut, hand painted and produced in-house from Christine’s home based studio.

In March 2021, Christine launched the “Metamorphia Recycled” range utilising the acrylic offcuts and scraps from the Celestial Closet wearables and from other jewellery makers, to create unique and esoteric heat pressed, recycled material sheets which are then laser cut again into new shapes.

Celestial Closet pieces are currently stocked at the in.cube8r gallery in Fitzroy, The Old Auction House in Kyneton, and can sometimes be found at Fitzroy’s Rose Street Artists’ Market, and Oz Comic-Con Melbourne.

Meet the Machine Family

There are three large machines that make it possible to create and produce all the laser cut and recycled magic at Celestial Closet.

Zaphod Beamobox (the little laser)
In late 2019, around a year after designing her first laser cut acrylic earrings, Christine purchased a 30W CO2 laser cutter (the Flux Beamo) so she could have greater control over her production processes and cut unique materials that she had specially purchased. After asking her customers for name suggestions, this little laser became known as Zaphod Beamobox and has been an excellent studio companion, ideal for cutting all the tiny itty bitty pieces that go into creating Christine’s miniature wearable worlds.

Ziltoid the Omniscient (the bigger laser)
As Celestial Closet started to grow, the need for a bigger and more powerful laser cutter increased to be able to produce larger batches of jewellery, and expand the product range to include larger, decorative pieces such as wall hangings and functional decor items. In August 2022, Ziltoid the Omniscient arrived at the studio. Ziltoid is a 60W CO2 laser cutter (the Flux HEXA) – with a 730x430mm working area and engraving speeds three times as fast as the other Flux models.

Valeria (the industrial heat press)
When it comes to acrylic recycling, one needs lots of heat and pressure at the same time to create that magical melted blend of beautiful scrap acrylic. Valeria joined Celestial Closet in early 2021 and will soon be featuring in some acrylic recycling video tutorials!

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