Hi there – I’m Christine, the magic maker behind Celestial Closet!
Welcome to my world of magical wearables!

Growing up, I enjoyed art, music, maths and things involving technology. I also really loved fancy dress parties, fantasy and murder mystery books, and film and cake decorating.

At university, I studied Digital Media and Web Design. My first “grown-up” fulltime job saw me hired as a graphic designer, that lasted about three months before I was suddenly thrown into the deep end with IT and tech support – I work full time helping other small businesses with their online stores!

“But how can you be both creative and logical?” you might ask.
Honestly, it’s a daily battle between the left and right sides of my brain, which often makes my head hurt!

I started Celestial Closet as a part-time business in late 2016 – at the time, I was passionate about cosplay, musical theatre and theatrical costume, and started creating crazily large headpieces and crowns, dreamt up in my imagination for majestic and dramatic occasions!

In late 2019, I purchased my own laser cutter, naming the machine “Zaphod Beamobox” after a character from a certain galactic themed movie! Having my own laser cutting machine allows me to have full control over the creative and production process of my wearables, and bring my own original designs to life. I’m enjoying branching out my designs to include brooches and necklaces as well, and headpieces may eventually return!

During 2020, I’ve spent some time researching into how I can use my offcuts and scraps of acrylic and prevent it from going to landfill – I’m hoping to launch my recycled jewellery label Metamorphia Recycled in 2021!