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Meet Christine – the maker behind Celestial Closet

Celestial Closet started in late 2016 – at the time, I was passionate about costume making and musical theatre, and started creating crazily large headpieces and crowns for local performers and costume events! I have dabbled in sewing, millinery and probably every other craft in between.

I have a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Digital Media, and currently I work full time helping other small businesses with their online stores. Celestial Closet is a way for me to bring my artistic side out and escape from my day-to-day life through designs inspired by fantasy, nature and history!

In late 2019, I purchased my own desktop laser cutter, naming the machine “Zaphod Beamobox” after a character from a certain galactic themed movie! Having my own laser cutting machine allows me to have full control over the creative and production process of my wearables.

In early 2020, I changed up my business model to work solely on laser cut wearables. Several personal health challenges, and the cancellation of most events in 2020 meant that commissioned millinery and headwear work was no longer a viable option.

I have spent a lot of my time researching into how I can use my offcuts and scraps of acrylic in new and exciting ways. My recycled jewellery sub-brand Metamorphia Recycled launched in March 2021 and I’m excited to incorporate more recycled materials into my laser cutting practice!